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Organic Cinnamon Powder


Our Organic Cinnamon Powder is our high quality cinnamon powder sourced from Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Known for its rich flavour and taste.

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder has been known from remote antiquity, with imports to Egypt known as early as 2000 BCE. The cinnamon tree stems are cut and processed by scraping off the outer bark, loosening the inner bark which is then pried off in log rolls. The rolls (or quills) are dried for several hours and cutted into 5 – 10 cm rolls, after which they are grinded into powder.

Available in bulk packaging from stock in various qualities. The perfect addition to your baking recipe, dessert or spicy drinks.

Organic Curcuma (Turmeric) Powder


Our Organic Curcuma Powder is sourced from India. The product is often called Turmeric Powder. It is known for its bright orange colour.

It is one of the key ingredients in a wide variety of Asian dishes. It is a perfect colouring agent and is often used in savory and sweet dishes. However, it is als purchased by consumers for its nutritional values. It contains curcumin, which is the main active ingredients in curcuma powder. It is known to have anti-inflammatory effects and is a strong antioxidant.

We can offer Organic Curcuma Powder with various levels of Curcumin. Even above 5% curcumin!

Curcuma Powder

Organic Ginger Powder


Our Organic Ginger Powder is made from the highest quality organic ginger roots. These are sourced from Peru, China and India. We can offer this product as single origin ingredient, or a mix of Peruvian and Chinese ginger powder.

Organic Ginger Powder is becoming a popular superfoods due to the high contents of vitamins and minerals it contains. Besides that, it can be used as a spice in your dishes. Ginger powder is used in cookies, gingerbread, ginger ale and ginger beer for example. However, it has many other applications!

Ginger powder

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