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Frank Reijnen

connecting the fields to the forks whilst protecting nature

I value the fact that we have a great team which feels the power of collaboration and are passionate about their work. For our customers, suppliers and the planet. I have the firm believe that with organic farming & producing we can overcome a lot of the current and future challenges caused by the way we (mis)use the planet that has become ‘normal’ to some generations.

If the organic market increases, we can improve the quality of so many lives, ecosystems and so much more.

At Health Ingredients Trading we work with suppliers on a long-term base, ensuring quality together.

Together with our customers we are always looking for new opportunities, innovative concepts , and love to help with challenges they are facing.

I believe that relationships either with a supplier or a customer can only be healthy if both invest in each other.

Let’s invest together in a more sustainable future, are you in?

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People behind Health ingredients trading

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After experiencing the positive changes healthy food made in his own life, Ray is determined to serve people all over the world through the pow(d)er of organic (super)foods.

“With a background in international food and beverage management, a flair for languages and a burning desire to serve, working at HIT is like a match made in heaven for me.”

Ray is the newest addition of our team and fulfills his function as international trader with a lot of enthusiasm.  

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Hester hendrix

With her chef’s hat on, Hester prepares all kind of diners and loves the Italian cuisine. One time she used the dishwash soap to clean the vegetables. A lifetime experience for the family. Cooking and the passion for healthy ingredients runs in the family.. 

“From the age of two my mother and I prepared family diners. Using the best ingredients we bought at the local market.”

Hester is a proud quality manager at Health Ingredients Trading. 

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Nature and environment have always been very important to her. She loves to travel in all different directions of the earth, witnessing the power of nature and the universe.

‘My parents taught me to respect nature and the environment, by leading-by-example and growing our own vegetables in the back yard. Nowadays I prepare myself the colourful and healthy meals from these.’

It feels like a privilege to work in this dynamic environment Health Ingredients Trading has shaped. I feel like the tiny spider in the web, connecting demand and supply by service.

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Meity Willemsen

A great day, is what you create yourself!

Each day when Meity came back from school, she found her mother in the kitching preparing the family diner. She had a lot of siblings, so the amounts of food were impressive. The vegetables and other ingredients were always fresh.

‘I follow this example that my mother has given to me as much as possible and hope to pass on the same inspiration to my children. I never cook with measuring aides; cooking comes straight from the heart’.

I love being the link between the purchase and sales, so our customers get their products at the right time and in good condition.

Leonie Reijnen-Verbruggen

As a young girl she grew up in a small town with lots of farmers as their neighbours.

‘I’ve always loved the countryside and understood how important it is to see farmers and nature work together instead of fighting’.

From early elementary school, she is font of numbers and sees the multiple usages for them. Within Health Ingredients Trading she uses these insights for bookkeeping and finance.

The international environment is a big bonus for Leonie. 



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