Our values

Our values

We believe in collaboration and passion

As Henri Ford once said:

– Coming together is a beginning
– Staying together is progress
– Working together is success!

At Health Ingredients Trading we feel the same. We work together with the entire supply chain from the fields to the forks. We recognise that a relationship should be mutual and beneficial to all parties involved in order to create a long term success. Our essential ingredient to add is passion. Passion for our work, the people and the planet.

the best organic ingredients

making a sustainable difference

As an outcome of our core values we are able to make a real difference. For people, for the soils, for the planet and mostly: for our customers. Sustainability is within our DNA. Only healthy soils are able to give long-term healthy food, which leads to healthier people.

Want to know more about our values?

Don’t hesitate to reach out, we love to help with any kind of questions.

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