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Amaranth Grains

Organic Amaranth Grains


Amaranth is an ancient grain, high in fiber and protein (especially the amino acid lysine). It is gluten-free and can be grinded to amaranth flour or used to extract amaranth oil.Organic certified available.

Organic Tricolore Quinoa Grains


Organic Tricolore Quinoa Grains is the mother of all grains and a key product from South America, and important in the Aztecs period.

The Organic Tricolore Quinoa Grains are wholegrains with many health benefits as, naturally gluten-free, high-protein, high-fiber, contains all amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, fibers and antioxidants. Quinoa can be cooked and has higher nutritional values than rice and potatoes.

Quinoa Grains

Organic Hulled Buckwheat


Buckwheat (or common buckwheat, Japanese buckwheat, silverhull buckwheat) are gluten-free seeds high in complex carbohydrates. This pseudocereal can be used for the production of gluten-free beer or pancakes. Buckwheat noodles are eaten in Asian cultures in mountainous areas where wheat can not be grown.

Organic Hulled Spelt


Spelt (or dinkel wheat, hulled wheat) is a species of wheat cultivated since approx. 5000 BC. Spelt is high in proteins, fiber and several minerals and B-vitamins. Spelt contains a moderate amount of gluten and has many uses, like baking products and distillation of beers or Dutch Jenever.


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