The main building blocks for the body!

Proteins cannot be missed in a healthy diet. They help the body to:

  • Develop and repair muscles
  • Control the weight
  • Maintain and repair organs

Working for a Dutch-based company we have grown to adultery eating a Western diet that over the past decades has developed into consuming 60% animal proteins and 40% of plant-based proteins.

For the sake of our future generations, we want to actively contribute to changing this pattern to 60% plant-based, so they can enjoy the world in which we live today.


Excellent taste & Mouthfeel

Protein Transition

Outstanding Firm Structure

Excellent Taste & Mouthfeel

Do you formulate or produce protein supplements in the form of tablets, capsules, bars, or powders?

We have the right ingredients for you. We have a special selection of all kinds of proteins derived from mostly European grown and processed pulses, grains, oil seeds and nuts.

Our range:

  • varies from 35% up to 80% protein content
  • made out of pulses can have a neutralised taste
  • in general tastes great by nature!

outstanding firm structure

We exist to connect the fields to the forks whilst protecting nature. Do you want to contribute to this same goal?

We have several textured proteins with which you can mimic several meat-like structures from fish to mince to chunks. We minimize the Carbon footprint by working together with partners that work actively for the same goals and from as close to us as possible.

Let’s work together to flip our Western protein diet to 40% animal proteins and 60% plant-based. It helps our nature and environment and stimulates biodiversity and food security. 

We also have the know-how and a complete range of functional ingredients to help you formulate the best possible consumer products. Ask for our advice.

Want to know more?

Ask us!

Don’t hesitate to reach out, we love to help with questions about proteins! 

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