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Organic Natural Almonds


We offer Organic Natural Almonds from Spain, Italy and the United States. These are available as RAW and also prepared or processed as roasted. Our Organic Natural/Blanched Almonds are available in whole, diced, slivered, chopped, flour and butter.

Organic Almonds can be eaten raw or toasted in various dishes. This nutritionally dense food is a rich source of several vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber and mono- and polyunsaturated fats. These can be used in the snack and bakery industry and in the production of paste, marzipan and fillings for chocolate praline.

Organic Brazil Nuts


The Brazil nut is a South American tree with edible seeds. The nuts are great sources of dietary fiber and many vitamins and minerals. They are also high in omega-6 fatty acids and when shelled can therefore become quickly rancid. Brazil nuts can be used in many dished or being made into brazil nut oil.

Hazelnuts brown

Organic Natural Hazelnuts


Turkey is the largest producer of Hazelnuts. Organic Hazelnuts are available in Natural (brown) or Blanched. Also in different sizes as 11-13 mm, 13-15 mm, chopped and processed like roasted and flour.

Hazelnuts are an excellent source of Vitamine E, fibre, copper, manganese and omega 9. It has a light bitter taste which makes is suitable for sweet and chocolate products. Hazelnuts are use for bakery, chocolate, biscuits, ice creams and also as a snack.

Organic Cashews


We offer Organic Cashews W320 sourced from India, Africa and Vietnam. India is the largest single producer of cashew nuts while West Africa – principally Ivory Coast, Benin, and Guinea-Bissau — is the largest regional producer.

Organic Cashews are available in different sizes as W240, W320 and W450 and also in wholes, pieces and diced. Cashews are excellent source of antioxidants, healthy monounsaturated fat, and minerals such as manganese, copper, and phosphorus. Cashews are the ideal snack.

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